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Our Price List - from 2024

Prices starting from £40 for bath and tidy or full groom services.

Consultation - free

Come and meet us to discuss what we can offer you, and a quick cuddle with your pooch too!

Puppy introductions - free

A free 15 minute appointment, to meet your puppy, get them used to the sights and smells of the salon, a quick brush through. If the puppy is confident enough, we can trim nails, and tidy around face and feet. For puppies under 6 months old.

Nail Trimming - £10

Simple nail trim.

Pawdicure - £15 or £5 when added to a bath and tidy/full groom service

Great for: smelly cracked paws, winter walkies

A relaxing foot soak in our softening Manuka Honey Shampoo, followed by a scissor tidy and paw clip out. Finished with a lavender moisturiser, nail trim and file.

Blueberry Facial - £15 or £5 when added to a bath and tidy/full groom service

Great for: white faced dogs, dogs with smelly beards

A bubbly blueberry face scrub, which helps with tear and saliva staining, followed by a face trim, lavender nose moisturiser, ear clean and minty breath gel.

Deshedding Mud Bath Treatment - £15, only available with a bath and tidy/full groom service

Great for: moulting dogs, itchy skin

A DeadSea Mud Bathing treatment that helps loosen and remove dead undercoat, helps sooth dry adn itchy skin, and leaves the fur super soft with a long lasting fresh scent.

Bath and Tidy Services

A bath, using our gentle and natural shampoos, with scissor tidy around face, feet and feathers, a brush through, finished with nail trimming and ear cleaning.

Band A - £40

(labradors, pugs, chihuahuas, mastiffs, jack russels, border terriers, frenchies, working cockers, short coated collies, greyhounds)

Band B - £60

(show coated cockers, shetland sheepdogs, long coated border collies, small german shepherds, huskys, small golden retrievers)

Band C - £80

(chow chows, old englsih sheepdogs, newfoundlands, malamutes, large golden retrievers, large german shepherds

Full Groom - "Short Bark and Sides"

A short, all over cut the same length all over (except beard, ears and tail if desired), includes a bath and tidy service. Great for those dogs who love a muddy puddle or dislikes being brushed between grooms.

Band A - £40

(border terriers, jack russells, jackapoos, mini schnauzers, toy poodles)

Band B - £60

(cocker spaniels, cockerpoos, cavapoos, mini poodles, standard schnauzers, mini labradoodles, tibetan terriers, bearded collies, shih tsus)

Band C - £80

(standard poodles, labradoodles, golden doodles, old english sheepdogs, sheepadoodles)

Full Groom - "Feeling Fluffy?"

A full coated, fluffy trim with scissored legs, includes a bath and tidy service. Great for dogs that want to look fabulous, love being brushed at home and comes in for regular grooming.

Band A -£60

(mini Schnauzers, jackapoos, maltipoos)

Band B - £80

(cockerpoos, cavapoos, tibetan terriers, bichon frise, shih tsus, lhasa apsos, bearded collies, mini labradoodles)

Band C - £100

(standard poodles, labradoodles, sheepadoodles, golden doodles)


Pulling wire coated dogs by hand to keep their coat colour and texture, only suitable for some dogs, please feel free to come in for a consultation to see if your wire coated dog is strippable.

Band A - £60

(border terriers, jack russells, patterdales)

Band B - £80

(wire fox terriers, schnauzers, westies, lakeland terriers, cairn terriers, scotties)

Band C - £100

(airedales, irish wolfhounds)

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