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Our Price List 2022

Our new prices start from 1st July for all customers. We will now be charging a price of:

£40 for the first hour

£20 for every extra half an hour

This is to make it more personal so if a large full coated cockerpoo came in, it would cost more than a small cockerpoo who may be clipped short.

Examples of our pricing:

1 hour dogs (£40) – Labradors, French Bulldogs, Small Working Cockers unclipped, Jack Russells, Chihuahuas, Dachsunds, Border Terriers.

1.5 hour dogs (£60) – clipped working cockers, small springers, Border collies, Small golden retrievers, shave down regular cockerpoos, hand stripped jack russells, westies with no feathering.

2 hour dogs (£80) – fluffy cockerpoos, show standard cocker spaniels, show standard westies, clipped Airedales, short coated labradoodles, fluffy miniature labradoodles, toy poodles, large golden retrievers, huskies.

2.5 hour dogs (£120) – standard poodles in a short cut, akitas, chow chows, hanstripped show springers

3 hour dogs (£160) – show coated standard poodles, malamutes, newfoundlands


Why are the prices like this?

To run the salon, it costs us £13 per hour, for water, electricity, rent, insurances, shampoos, equipment maintenance and lots more. After this, we then need to add our staff’s wages, and finally, the tax on top. This leaves us with about £40 per hour. We are one of the first grooming salons in Norfolk to charge these sorts of rates but unfortunately, in this current climate. This has to be the case for many salons to carry on running, especially with so many needing to close down in Norfolk alone. We understand that other salons will be much cheaper due to less overheads but we pay our staff a wage we see worth it to cover their grooming qualifications that can reach £10,000+ as well as chiropractic appointments (which, in this industry, is important…trust me!) and with this new pricing, enough to cover childcare so they don’t have to choose between having a family and the career they’ve worked hard to get into.

Are we worth it?

Absolutely! Being such a large salon, we have a few staff to choose from, as well as being able to cater for large and giant breeds. We also take on the naughtier dogs that many groomers may send away and are happy to work with behaviourists in the salon environment. We have been running the salon for nearly 10 years and have some fantastic reviews. We have parking on site and can collect dogs from the carpark to help with handicapped customers.

We can offer collections and drop offs as well (prebooked). We don’t use cage dryers and we use only gentle, high-quality shampoos, which is very important to us.

Our staff are friendly and easy to talk to, as well as animal first aid trained (some are even human first aid trained as well), so you know your pet is in the best hands. We are happy to work with any grooming style you like, whether that is short, summer ready – or show standard. Maybe even go all out with a mohawk!

Our spa treatments are tried and tested and have been chosen specifically to help the pet feel and look their best, from our soothing natural mud bath, that helps with shedding, itchy skin and hot spots, to our soothing manuka honey Pawdicure that helps with dry and cracked feet.

For a quote, please give us a call or as for a FREE consultation to meet the staff, and go over your pets hair style.

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