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About Us

Centre Paws Pet Spa

Welcome to our family. Here is our story of how we became our family run business.

Centre Paws started out as a small groomers in the middle of Wymondham town centre, in 2014, previously called Scruffy 2 Fluffy. From there, we grew and moved to Centre Paws when Centre Paws first began, in 2019. We carried on growing until we had 5 members of staff and booked for three weeks in advance. It was great and I loved my staff and the busy business and hectic lifestyle that came with it. When the business was running nice and smoothly, my husband, David, and I decided what a great time to look at adding to our family! 

After we had the fantastic news we were expecting our baby Thomas, slowly our staff dwindled down for many reasons, having babies themselves, living a little too far to commute or opening their own grooming businesses. So we made the brave decision not to replace the staff. Instead, we waited until baby Tommy was 3 months old, David left his job in Metal Engineering after 16 years and we started our new adventure, as a fully family run business. I groom, David baths and Thomas comes in every day. It's hard work, but it's so rewarding. Who else can say they can watch their baby grow up, surrounded by dogs with both mum and dad? Our life couldn't be more perfect!

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