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Our Terms and Conditions.

Here you will find our Terms and Conditions for the salon, our dog adventures and our wedding chaperone services. When making a booking, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. Please let us know if you have any questions.

'The Salon' 

Cancellations and Rescheduling –

We understand that sometimes, you will need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, and we will do our best to accommodate this. We request that 24 hours notice is to be given when moving or cancelling an appointment, to allow us time to fill that appointment time.

  • No fee will be charged if 24 hours notice is given.

  • A fee of 50% of the groom will be charged if the appointment is cancelled or moved with less than 24 hours notice.

  • A fee of 100% of the groom will be charged if you are a no show or if we have to cancel your appointment if you are over 15 minutes late to your appointment.

  • We are allowed to refuse to book in a new appointment until this is fee has been settled.


Late Arrivals –

Please arrive to your appointment on time, arriving more than 15 minutes late may result in us turning you away and cancelling the appointment. We reserve the right to charge full price for the missed appointment.


Data Protection –

We need to keep your contact details on our system to be able to book your pet in and contact you if needed. These are not shared to third parties and the information is kept safe. When booking in, you are agreeing that we can keep your data on the system until asked to remove them.


Health, Safety and Vulnerable Dogs –

When dropping off for a groom, we ask if the dog has any health and safety issues that we need to know. This may include such issues as if the dog needs muzzling during the groom, epilepsy, heart issues or arthritis. If there are any changes to their health or behaviour in the future, we need to be told before their next groom. This is to make sure we can cater for the dogs as well as possible. We do not refuse dogs if the owner says the dog has been aggressive in the past but we need to know this before the groom so we can assess the dog correctly, and keep our staff safe. We have the right to use muzzles with any dog if we feel it is in our best interest.

We have the right to send any dog home if we find their behaviour or health is not in the best interest to groom. We can refuse to do any service if we find it is not in the best interest of the pet, such as trimming nails on a foot aggressive dog.

With vulnerable dogs, such as pregnant or elderly dogs, we may ask for you to seek veterinary advice before the groom, to see if grooming is in the dogs best interest. We may advise in some situations that the dog is to be groomed in stages or refuse if we deem it too risky.

We will not be held responsible if an issue is to occur during the grooming process with undiagnosed health issues or known health issues.


Dog Friendliness –

We have more than one groomer working in the salon. This does mean that there will be more dogs in the salon than just your pet. We don’t allow customers dogs to play together or mix, but staff dogs may be allowed to play if your dogs are friendly. Please advise us if your dog has aggressive or nervous issues with other dog before dropping off, so we can put staff dogs away. We will take all precautions to keep dogs settled and away from other dogs but they may be able to see other dogs across the room. Dogs may be muzzled if aggression is shown toward our staff.


Matting –

If there are any mats found in the dogs coat that cannot be combed out, the kindest thing for the dog would be to clip the coat. This may mean to coat is a lot shorter than expected. When booking in, you are agreeing that we can make this decision as a professional. We do not do this unless we deem it absolutely necessary.

With extremely matted coats, we may not be able to help the dog, without sending it to a vets to be shaved with a surgical blade, we have every right to charge a full groom price if we have to send the dog home.

Matted dogs can have skin issues such as bruising under the mats and haematomas, which is where the coat restricts the blood so much that when clipping the coat, the blood rushes to the area and may even cause slight bleeding. We try to avoid this as much as possible but it sometimes cannot be helped.

The best thing for the dog for matting is to prevent it in the first place with regular grooming appointment and daily brushing at home.


Fleas –

We do not take dogs in who are known to have fleas before the groom. We ask that you treat the pet before bringing them in, so we can keep the salon flea free. If we do find the dog has fleas once in our care, we will have to charge £5 to use our flea shampoo and to spray the salon down. The flea shampoo we use is natural but it is not a preventative flea treatment. This means that once the animal gets home, they can become infested again, so you will need to use preventative treatment and also treat your home and car as well. If the dog cannot have flea shampoo due to skin allergies, we will have to send the dog home instead and a full charge of the missed groom will be charged.



Dog friendliness – With our dog adventures, we take a small group of dogs out together. This does mean we expect dogs to be friendly to other dogs. When booking in, you are agreeing that your dog is safe around other dogs and this will be checked the morning of your adventure during drop off. This may result in us asking for you to take your dog home if the they are showing signs of aggression or very nervous behaviour, which may result in us charging for the missed appointment.

Different locations – Our adventures will be different every time, this might mean that your pet won’t have the same type of adventure as others. We decide on the location a few days before, when we assess the weather conditions or if there are any special events going on. We will not disclose the adventure online until after the dogs have been taken home – this is to help prevent dog thefts and to keep our staff safe – we may disclose the type of adventure, such as beach or forest, but wont say ‘cromer beach’ or ‘high lodge’ for these reasons. Some areas we go to may be busy with traffic or people, or around wildlife or farm animals, so we would ask you to let us know if there are any concerns with your dogs eg. Doesn’t like cyclists, joggers, squirrels or cows.


Dogs on leads – we will be keeping all of our customers on leads for the duration of the adventure. This is to cater for dogs who do not have good recall and to prevent run away dogs or dog thefts. This is also because we do go to busy places as well. We do have long lines if there are any opportunities for swimming.


Cancellation policy – Our cancellation policy is similar to our salon cancellation policy. We require 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule an adventure, otherwise you will be charged 50% of the adventure fee. If you are a no show, we will have to charge 100% to cover the missed appointment. We do check the weather a few days before and then 24 hours before to let you know if we believe it will be bad weather, so we can discuss rearranging if needed.


Weather – we need to always take into account that the weather may not be suitable for all dogs. Extreme heat means we wont be running our dog adventures, moderate heat may mean we have to cancel for some dogs that will be more susceptible to higher heats, such as flat faced breeds like pugs, dogs who struggle with low blood pressure like greyhounds or young or elderly dogs. Freezing weather may also be an issue with driving conditions and some dogs may be more susceptible to the cold. We will discuss weather concerns with the owners before they come, to see if we need to rearrange, as all dogs are different.


Health issues – We do ask that you let us know of any health issues your dog may have, so that we can cater for your individual dog. Health issues can include allergies, immune issues, arthritis, pregnancy and epilepsy. If their health changes in the future, please let us know so we can update our system. We may decide that dog adventures are not suitable and wont be able to book you in. When booking in, you are agreeing that your dog is healthy enough to come on the adventure. We will not be liable for any issues regarding known health issues.


Treats – We do offer treats while out on walks and these treats may also be special treats, such as ice cream, pupcakes, or pupperchinos. Please let us know if you would prefer your dog not to have any treats or if they can only have their own treats, which in that case, we may ask for you to bring some in a sealed container with their name on them.


Photos – we do take plenty of photos while on our adventures. These will be sent to you, signal depending. We will not share these up onto social media until after our walk, as to keep our dogs and staff safe. Please let us know if you do not wish for us to share photos of your dogs on social media.


Collection times – We pick up the dogs from the Centre Paws car park between 8am and 9am. Please make sure you do arrive between these times to insure that we can leave in time. If you are more than 10 minutes late, we will have to leave without your dog, and you will be charged full price for the missed appointment. When dropping off, we will be in the salon between 1pm and 2pm for collection. If we are running late due to traffic, we will let you know. Please make sure you do collect by 2pm at the latest as we do not have the space to keep the dogs for the day. Pick ups and drop offs may be available with prior notice and only with dogs who have passed the temperament test before.


Damage to property – we wont take any responsibility for damage to personal property such as dog leads and collars. If your dog damages another dogs property or causes damage to the car, you will be liable for the cost of fixing or replacing the item.


Vaccinations and fleas – when booking your dog in for an adventure, you agree that you are up to date with puppy vaccinations and booster or titre testing. We will not be liable for any illness picked up from other dogs. We do go through areas with other dogs, wildlife and farm animals, so we ask that you also keep your flea and tick and worming preventative methods up to date as well.

Cancellation fees - We understand that sometimes wedding planning doesn't go to plan. If you need to cancel us or rearrange the wedding, we ask for a weeks notice, otherwise we will have to charge 50% of the fee. If you cancel us under 48 hours, we will ask for full price. This is because we have booked a staff member off for the full day for you, so we will struggle to fill their time with such little notice. If you have to rearrange the wedding, we will do our best to rearrange with you. If we have to cancel on you for any reason, we will give you a full refund and help to arrange an alternative.

Timings - When we have our meeting, we will discuss the timings of the day with you. If the dogs are booked in for grooming appointments in the morning but we wont make the wedding in time, we may ask for them to be booked in for grooms the day before, so it will be up to you to keep them clean. With working with dogs, we will always try our hardest to be on time but with anything with animals, we cannot guarantee timings will go smoothly, so please help us by keeping your pets tangle free and let us know if there are any health and safety issues regarding grooming. We will also try our hardest to visit the venues before the day, to assess the parking and route. 

Car Travel - like many people, dogs can get car sick. If you could let us know how your dog is with travelling, we can do our best to cater for them, whether that's using a bed or crate to make them more secure, or making sure they don't have any food prior to travel. We always use seatbelts for the dogs. If your dog is a destructive dog in the car, you will be liable for any damage to the car.

Salon rules - Please read our salon terms and conditions if your dog is booked for a groom before the wedding. This includes letting us know of any aggressive behaviour and health issues.

Ceremony - If your dog is allowed to be part of the ceremony, please let us know how we can help and who will be in charge of holding the dogs, so we can give them to the correct people. Please note, you will need to make sure you have conformation from your ceremony and reception venue that the dogs are allowed to attend. This also includes the people who are conducting the ceremony, as some will have rules on noisy dogs. If your dogs are not allowed to to be in the ceremony, we can either entertain the dogs outside, ready for photos outside, or if you would prefer, we could take them straight to the reception venue. We can discuss this during our meeting.

Wedding rings - If you wish for your dog to be the ring bearer and carry the rings down the aisle on their collars, please let us know who we will be collecting the rings from before the day. We can take them on collection of the dogs but we will not be responsible for any damage or loss.

Pet food and drink -

With our package, we can offer your pets a selection of dog friendly cakes and cookies from the Blackberry Tearoom. This would make for great photos during the cake cutting ceremony! Please let us know if the dogs have any food allergies. We also offer dog beer or wine, which is all natural.

Reception rules - Please check with your reception venue if there are any rules regarding the dogs and if easier, get the venue to send us an email. These rules may be no dogs in certain areas, times dogs are allowed and where the dogs need to be when food is being served. 

Breaks and finishing times - Please let us know a designated person who can take the dogs when our staff need to go for breaks, these are food breaks and bathroom breaks so we cannot take the dogs. We will need their telephone numbers so we can contact them if we cannot find them on site. We will also need to know what times are best to take these breaks so we don't clash with important parts such as when food is being served or speeches or photos. If the dogs are staying on site in a dog friendly bedroom, please let us know an appropriate finishing time and who we need to hand the dogs over to, and their telephone numbers. If the dogs are staying at a pet sitters, we will need a finishing time to aim to drop them off at the pet sitters on time.

Pet Sitting - We do not offer pet sitting in our wedding packages, however, if your pet sitter cannot look after your dogs at very last minute, our staff are insured to stay in your home. We can only stay for one night so alternative sitters will need to be found if you will be away for a few days. We will need to take the details of the pets sitters you have booked so we can arrange the best time to drop the dog off. 

Damage to Property - dogs will be dogs sometimes and we will try our best to keep the dogs out of mischief, but we will not be liable for any damage caused by the dogs - including digging holes, jumping up at guests wedding attire, or weeing up chairs and more. So please let us know of any bad habits your dog has, so we can avoid these situations. 

Photos - We will be taking photos throughout the day to send to the bride and groom, we will then ask permission for any to be shared on social media. If children are present in the photos, please make sure you have the parents permission for us to share these as well. We will also politely ask if we could share any professional photos taken of the dogs and our staff.

'Dog Adventure Days'

'Wedding Chaperone Service'

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