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Here at Centre Paws Pet Spa, we like to give your pet the most pampered and relaxed experience. Now also offering Dog Adventure Days and Wedding Chaperone Services too! Based at Centre Paws Norfolk business hub, in the heart of the Wymondham countryside. 

Hand Stripping


Bath and Tidy

A relaxing bath and bubbly wash, using only natural and gentle shampoo. We will then brush / dry your pet using standing dryers and finish with a spritz of our natural dog fragrance. We can also de-shed moulting dogs and trim up face, feathers and feet. Followed by ear cleaning and nail trim.


Walking by or just visiting the cafe quickly? Why not take advantage of our walk in wash treatment. No need to book in, but please check our Facebook page or text us to see what times we are running each day. It's perfect for campers, dogs who have rolled in something smelly or any who have just finished a swimming lesson on site.

Walk in Washes

Starting from £30 - breed dependent.

£20 per dog for a maximum of one hour. Large or thick coated breeds may be damp.

Full Groom

A bath followed by a full body cut and all the trimming needed. We can complete any breed standard clip or to your specification. Ear cleaning and nail trimming is included along with a spritz of our natural dog fragrance.



Everything your dog needs! A full groom as above but with our luxury spa treatments … Pawidure, facial and mud bath.

The Ultimate Groom

Starting from £30 - breed dependent.

Starting from £30 - breed dependent.

Hand Stripping

Available for wire-haired or silk-coated dogs. It involves removing the dead outer coat by hand, rather than using clippers, allowing a new wire coat to grow in. It doesn’t hurt the dog as wire hair is not attached.



A gentle introduction to grooming and the salon environments for puppies or nervous rescue dogs. A brush, trimming around the face and feet as needed and nail trimming. Plus lots of puppy cuddles!

Puppy Groom

Price on request

Free for puppies under 6 months, over 6 months will be charged £5 for nails.

Spa Treatments - Pawdicure

A nail trim and file and paw clip out. The pampered paws are then soaked and dried before a relaxing paw massage using lavender paw balm. This treatment can be finished with animal safe nail polish if desired! Great for dogs with rough, sore pads and to banish any odour. Please note, this treatment is not available for dogs who dislike their nails being trimmed.

£7 (or £5 with groom)

Animal safe nail varnish, £2

Spa Treatments - Facial

A lovely blueberry facial wash that is massaged in to help with tear stains or dirty beards. Also included is face trimming between the eyes and beard,  ear cleaning and plucking, teeth gel and lastly lavender nose balm for cracked noses. 

£7 (or £5 with groom)

Spa Treatments - Mud Bath

A Dead Sea Mud bath treatment massaged into the coat and skin. This helps with dry or itchy skin and hot spots. It is also very good for shedding dogs. The treatment is ended with a basic towel dry or can be followed with a bath or groom. This treatment will only aid itchy skin if the dog hasn’t got a diagnosed skin condition.

£15 (or £10 with groom)

Starting 1st August 2021

Pooch Pamper Parties!

Your dog and their friends will have exclusive access to the salon for pampering, playtime and even doggy birthday cake! We can even do a doggy photoshoot for you!

Starting 1st August 2021

Wedding Chaperone!

While you're planning your big day, why not add your pet to those plans! We can pamper your pooch the morning of the wedding, bring them to your venue and look after them for the day. We can even provide special cake and dog champagne too! We can also help arrange dog sitting for the night if needed.

Starting 1st August 2021

Dog Adventure Days!


 Day Care with a difference! While you're busy at work or even for a special treat, we can take your dog out with a small group of friends for a trip to dog friendly venues, such as the beach, forest or even on a steam train! Then back home to rest before you come home, or why not tie it in with a pamper at the salon after?

Policies for vulnerable dogs


Vulnerable dogs are more at risk when in the grooming salon; this includes long or short term health and medical conditions such as diabetes, heart murmurs, epilepsy, deaf / blind etc along with elderly dogs and pregnant dogs.


It is at the owners risk when booking dogs in for a grooming session and we will not be held responsible for any pre-existing health and medical conditions that are affected by the grooming process. Before booking a dog in, the owner needs to have researched / spoken to their vets so that they fully understand the risks and potential consequences. 


We try our best to keep dogs stress free to avoid any issues occurring but all dogs are individuals and will respond to the grooming differently. 


Owners will be asked to sign our policies before the dogs first groom.



We understand that sometimes appointments need to be cancelled or rescheduled and we will always do our best to accommodate this. We request that 24hours notice is given to allow us the opportunity to fill that appointment time. The following fee’s and terms apply ...


  • No fee will be charged for cancellations if more than 24hours notice is given. 

  • A fee of 50% of the service will be changed if a cancellation (including rescheduling) is made giving less than 24hour notice.

  • A fee of 100% of the service will be charged for No Shows on the day. 

  • In order to complete your next appointment, cancellation and rescheduling fee’s must be paid in full.




Please arrive to your appointment on time, arriving more than 15 minutes late may result in us having to cancel the appointment. We reserve the right to charge the full price for appointments that are cancelled due to client lateness.





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